has generally been around the longest stratergy consultancies. Our team has internal consulting department. It usually refers to be a department established in a large company to provide management consulting to the rest of the company. AchaHomes has highly experienced management consultants, who have worked in well regarded strategy consulting firms such as finance, manufacturing operations etc. They are engaged in tasks as long range (strategic) planning, management reviews and process improvement, human resources planning and organizational design.

Our team excels at recognizing the unique needs of every commercial real estate clients, a thorough need analysis is provided followed by responsible options to address them.

We provide the following consultation services.

  1. Strategic development
  2. Investment
  3. Financial Analysis
  4. Constant cash flow
  5. Risk management
  6. Lease Analysis
  7. Evaluation of portfolio
  8. Location Analysis
  9. Market Analysis
  10. Remodeling
  11. Refinancing

AchaHomes portfolio includes villas, premium residences, luxury apartments, value homes all having integrated lifestyles. We have a wide range of happy customers because of our responsible attitude and innovative mind set to provide quality of projects over the years.

Do visit us to clarify your doubts and acquire our service, as we assist our clients from the initial concept to project close out with further facilitating and coordinating the construction to mitigate complex problems.