We  are a team of experienced professionals who are highly trained in the designs of buildings. Our skilled based architectural services include designs of commercial/ residential projects, preparation of constructions documents and construction administration. Here is a list of services that you can assure at AchaHomes.com :

Project Inception :
You are free at AchaHomes.com to share your project needs,dreams and goals with us as ,we plan your project in a detailed described pattern.

Schematic Design:
A start to preliminary design sketches are laid down based on our client’s requirements and budgets to explore and illustrate wide options.

Development of Designs :
A fine schematic designs are prepared to assure quality finish projects based on budget expectations and we provide for the adjustments if required.

Documents Constructions :
The working drawings are prepared once the design concepts are clear with required specifications.These are very much essential for building permits and bids.

Bidding and Negotiations:
Our team at AchaHomes.com provides help to evaluate the bids and to finalise with the project. we have a wide range of all happy customers for our architectural services.

Construction and Contract Administration:
A site visits determine regular proceedings in constructions according to the contract and assure that the design materials and workmanship meets with acceptable standards here.

Substantial Performance:
We insists on regular involvement to keep you informed about regular progress reports and believe in authorised staged payments until the completion of projects.

AchaHomes.com also provide the number of additional architectural services such as project management, site selection, interior design,  Building Condition audits ,renderings and promotional materials, site presentation, multiple contract preparations. Do click here at achahomes.com to avail variety of architectural services.